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prezes Jacek Ragus
Imagination is the beginning of creation Technology through implementation
Przedsiębiorstwo Poligraficzne RAGUS is an offset printing company offering its clients printing services for almost fifty years. The long-standing tradition of a family business combined with modern technology and a team of experienced specialists means that the determinant of our activity is the high standards of services provided and the creation of better and better solutions for our clients. We strongly believe that any project we can imagine is feasible. It is our imagination and commitment to achieve perfection in its production. That is why we show alternative concepts that lead to new solutions. If the client has a ready idea, we help him achieve the desired effect, which is often better than imaginations. We are professionals in creating the world, we enliven every idea, thought. The RAGUS printing house is an innovative company with the highest management standards derived from Lean management, and in particular Kaizen philosophy – minor systematic changes. We apply the principles of sustainable development, remembering about social responsibility. The three basic areas of our activity include:
  • Providing tools in the form of, among others: exclusive catalogs, company files, binders with company logos, etc., thanks to that we help our clients in building the brand and thus in raising the company’s prestige.
  • Designing and delivering top class packaging, which not only optimizes transport costs, but also presents the value of each product from the best side.
  • Design and implementation of POS products (including stands – cardboard furniture and other cardboard constructions), thanks to this we are able to increase sales and profits.
We implement high standards of work through implemented certification programs, i.e. Quality Management System compliant with the ISO 9001 standard in the areas of: Customer Service, Preparation for printing, Printing and Bookbinding Processes. In the field of information security, we operate in accordance with the PN-EN 17799 standard. Our company is the winner of many awards confirming its professionalism and attention to the needs of customers.