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POS products – Standard, LED, Move, Effect

We are a producer of POS materials from cardboard, plywood and plastics. Combining imagination with technology and experience, we create thoughtful constructions such as stands, displays, wobblers, dispensers and hangers. As architects of shape in POS production, we also reach for innovative solutions:

POS materials

We present the best solutions in the field of products supporting sales such as: wobblers, displays or hangers, that help increase the profits of customers.

Using our experience and imagination, we create unique constructions to which we adjust adequate solutions. The POS materials produced by us present and distinguish products at the point of sale. We offer a wide range of production capacities from POS stands to special products such as shelf-stoppers or dispensers.

  • stands types: shelves, columns, flat, mini stands – in various shapes
  • charging hopper
  • wobblers, hangers, shelf stoppers
  • shelf price strips (price sheets)
  • hangers and wrappers for bottles, wrappers for pallets
  • displays, dispensers

POS Led products

We focus on innovation – we are a POS manufacturer. We produce: POS stands from cardboard with LED elements that present products with distinctive lightening.

We produce POS stands that incorporate lighting modules, making them more attractive because of the subtly incorporated LED lights.
It is the proper lighting of POS materials makes appearance of the product more interesting and distinctive

  • POS Led shelf stands with continuous lighting
  • POS LED column stands with flashing LEDs
  • Shelf price strips, hangers, wobblers, displays and dispensers with flashing diodes

POS Move products

We produce POS stands with moving parts which draw the attention of the customer through moving parts.

We build and produce POS materials that stand out from others through various moving parts.
Today, static stands are not enough to get a satisfactory effect. The moveable elements perfectly integrated with refined design will turn the POS stand into an interesting model presenting the product.

  • Shelf stands, panel with a rotating module or a motor with a moving sequence
  • oscillatory wobblers

POS Effect products

We create Premium POS materials that meet the needs of customers who are looking for new solutions. POS Effect stands combine creativity with innovation and functionality.
We are a POS producer that meets the expectations of customers by responding to their different needs through adequate solutions in construction of POS materials.

POS 3D – combines the POS stand with 3D elements that presents the product in a far beyond the established standards way. POS 3D stands are elements that attract attention with an interesting solid in which the product is presented at the same time. The design is always very sophisticated and thoughtful and its mould of 3D form will arouse great interest – the image of POS 3D Stands can be rapidly distributed in social media by the customers.

POS EKO – plywood stands which create more possibilities:
– durable and stable construction
– assembled or glued
– possibility of printing and combining with other materials

  • Shelf POS stands and dispensers