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CTP studio

We have a CTP system that allows digital exposure of printing plates. This technology gives us the possibility of using high resolutions and reproducibility and reproduction of printing elements. We print specialized prints for each job – for color reproduction on the machine (proof) and ozalid models. We provide our clients with the best service quality and high efficiency in irradiation of printing forms. In addition, our high standards of Color Management or checking files in the PitStop guarantee the safety of both the required color design, as well as their appropriate reproduction and repeatability. We care about saving time and money for our clients, so even if the submitted file will contain errors, we will pick it up before making the imposition and go back with a request to improve the file, indicating where the error is or we will repair it by sending it to the client for acceptance.
  • Printer for proof prints: EPSON SpectroProofer Sure Color 5000
  • Print plotter ozalid: EPSON STYLUS Pro 9800
  • CTP imagesetter: KODAK Trendsetter Q800