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Bookbinding services

Printing itself is not everything. We make the highest quality advertising materials, POS products or packaging with the utmost care.
Our company offers a professional print finish. Rich facilities enable us to carry out the most creative and innovative ideas. We make a whole range of bookbinding services, and these are the most popular of them:

  • punching
  • laminating
  • gluing of packaging
  • saddle stitching
  • glued binding
  • sheet refinement: matt and flash foils; UV varnish
  • folding (breaking)
  • production of blanking dies

Manual work

If the product is non-standard or requires manual work (ie, wobblers, hangers), our employees will do all the necessary work with great commitment and precision, i.e .:

  • co-packing
    – repacking
    – combining (completing) products into promotional packages
    – confectioning products from bulk packaging into unit packages
    – labeling
    – welding in foil (including heat-shrinkable)
  • inserting
  • combining (completing) products into promotional packages
  • enveloping
  • foiling
  • bonding
  • gathering
  • folding
  • personalization

For the needs of our clients, we are constantly expanding the park of machines and bookbinding devices, which includes:

  • computerized cutters B1 (ITOTEC, HPM)
  • paper wrapping lines – (PROTEUS, YEML)
  • laminating machines to B0 format (KARMA, LAMINA)
  • die-cutting machines (SANWA, B1 and B2 BINDERS) with a die-cutting workshop
  • 3-point gluing machine with attachment for gluing popcorn cups and CD cases (Versor)
  • Folders allowing folding works from very small leaflets for pharmacy to B1 format (GUK, Stahl, Eurofold, Multiefet)
  • saddle-stitching line: a modern, high-performance leg collector (crocodile) with a sewing section (4 heads), a trimming (three-knife), counting (OSAKO)
  • line for perfect binding: collator + edge binder Horizon BQ-460

and other auxiliary machines and devices, e.g. a corner, a paper drill, a chisel, etc.